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Air Filter Sets – Maintenance Tips, Benefits and Expectations from a Good Air Filter

Powerful off-highway equipment needs heavy amounts of air just to burn the fuel which threatens the motor. These threats also include dust, industrial fumes, exhaust gases and other particles. Hence it becomes important to process the air through cylindrical air filters to remove the dust and prevent the wear leading to prolonged life of the motor.

The filter elements are composed of elements like wire mesh screen, wire wool, grain, felt, glass wool, fiber and paper. They also enable dusty air to be separated from the air by rotational motion and to precipitate. They are used in applications where air-quality is most important and notably building ventilation systems and in engines.

Primary Air Filters:

Primary Air Filter
Primary Air Filter

The outer filter or most commonly known as the primary filter element is meant to take out all the impurities on the airflow that is coming into the absorption process, the inner or secondary filter act as representing an optionally available filtration during servicing of the main filter, generally, it fits inside the outer element. The component is made out of high-quality material and has been tested for its durability.

It can be used as pre-filter for other most demanding filtration systems and included for the extension of the life of expensive high-efficiency filters. These types of filter can either be suitable for usage in residential, commercial and industrial purpose. Filters are also more economical and can be considered an effective solution to industrial air filtration.

Secondary Air Filters:

Secondary Air Filter
Secondary Air Filter

The inner or secondary filter act as and represent an optionally available filtration that occurs during the servicing of the main filter, generally it will fit inside the outer element. It can protect, even if the main filter is damaged or replaced. In short they are responsible in the process of maintaining the quality of the air circulating around you. It is also recommended that inner air elements need to be changed every third time when the primary (outer) element is changed

These filters either can function normally in areas of repeated turbulent air flow, repeated fan shutdown, desert, and also for the purpose of marine installation. While for the other type pocket filters they are being used in both for commercial and industrial applications.

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  • Air filters hold particles with undesired diameter which go to the combustion chamber of the motor and which are directly related to motor characteristics.
  • The air filters help in reducing contamination of harmful particles.
  • They operate on the low pressure due to their pleated configuration.
  • Fliters do not have any complicated bypassing.
  • They have good mechanical strength that helps in removing even the tiniest particles.

Maintenance tips:

Checking the cabin air filter is a simple preventive maintenance step that goes a long way towards protecting the filtration system. It is recommended that the air filter is replaced about every 15,000 to 30,000 Miles depending on the driving conditions. Keeping a watch on the local auto repair specialist for proper diagnosis can help know when exactly a filter should be changed or replaced.

The efficiency of the protective filter is approximately 70%. The protective filter should be replaced after the main filter is replaced three times.

There are at least 5 benefits of changing your air filter regularly:

  • better gas mileage,
  • reduced emissions,
  • improved acceleration,
  • increased engine life and
  • overall improved driveability.

For each gallon of fuel burned, the engine uses up to 10,000 gallons of air.

Expectations from a good air filter:

  • The air filter should be able to hold particles of undesired diameter that go into the combustion chamber of the motor.
  • The resistance of the filter for the air flow and the increase of the resistance as a result of contamination should be as low as possible.
  • The flow in the air flow line should be eased.
  • Mounting, demounting and maintenance should be easy.
  • It should work with the desired efficiency even in extremely dusty and moist environments.
  • As sound waves are also created during the air inlet, air filters should also function as an inlet filter.
  • The filter paper should be pressure resistant.
  • In order to increase the resistance of the filter and to prevent the filter paper from going to the motor, galvanized perforated coverings made of sheet metal should be placed to the inner and outer surfaces of the filter element.
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