Grease Bucket Pumps – Features, Benefits and Maintenance Tips

Grease Bucket pumps are designed for quick and effortless greasing in applications that require large volume of lubrication on a daily basis. It’s use extends from agricultural equipment to excavators and other earth moving equipment in automotive applications. They can be used by setting a high volume at high-pressure. Grease discharge where the pump delivers up to 9 grams of grease on high volume setting. The wetted components include steel, aluminium, brass and nitrile rubber.



  • It develops up to 4000 PSI (275 bar) on High pressure setting.
  • It delivers up to 9 grams / stroke on high-volume settings.
  • It comes with a complete 2.2 m of high-pressure hose fitted and accessories.
  • Lever operated pump mounted over the cover of the drum.
  • The pump contains a steel construction cost head and solid steel pump chamber.


  • Quick and easy openable cover.
  • Includes an adjustable carry handle.
  • It has a high Grease discharge per stroke that makes it four times more efficient than most liver Grease guns.
  • They work manually without air pressure.
  • It saves the Grease as the excess grease Returns to the Grease bucket.
  • It eliminates dribble and mess on the couple a tip offering a clean disconnect without any mess.
  • The clip on lead keeps rain and dust away thus protecting the grease bucket pump.
  • Pressure return valve and standard G coupler Grease coupler prevents Grease vestige thus helping to save grease costs.

Maintenance Tips:

  • It is suggested to use oil mixed semisolid dust free Grease.
  • Do not replace skilled Grease from the floor on to the containers
  • The pressure horse and unit should always be kept clean with regular cleaning and monitoring.
  • Pressure should be released when not in use.

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Grease Bucket Pump Installation Video