The transmission filter plays an important role in the efficiency of the machine’s function and is connected to the rear portion of the engine and transfers power from the engine to the wheels. Without a transmission, the vehicle cannot move. It catches any excess fluid, and connects to the oil pump and regulates the pressure of fluid in the transmission. It functions as a sieve to collect contaminants like dirt and debris before sending lubricating fluid to the transmission itself. 

Transmission Filter
Transmission Filter

Most of the harmful items that can damage a transmission system come from normal wear. Small metal chips as well as flakes from gears and bushings can enter the transmission fluid and wreak havoc on the transmission. It is also possible for pollutants to enter the transmission system through the vent or even when checking the fluid level through the dipstick tube. Some contaminants get into the fluid during the manufacturing process.

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  • It ensures long-term working of the engine by avoiding dust and debris particles from entering the engine that reduce engine power and thereby reduce the speed of the vehicle.
  • It makes cleaning of the engine much easier As it connects all the particles and transfers it to a cartridge which can be cleaned once for all, rather than cleaning the entire engine.


  • A transmission filter must be replaced every 500 hours.
  • Generally when it is time to replace The transmission filter, it is best suggested and feasible to purchase an entire fluid filter kit instead of just a filter itself. Visit YantraLive.com for all your equipment needs.