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Lubricants are an important part of the heavy equipment industry. They help the bulky machines carry out their tasks in extreme conditions, such as excessive wear and tear, dirt and water contamination. The role of lubricants is often overlooked in the industry. Many factors have to be considered before choosing the correct lubricant for your machine – the fuel efficiency, sturdiness, availability and the dual function – to name a few. The lubricant must not be looked as an accessory, but an integral component of the machine itself. Selecting the right construction lubricant yields the following benefits: –


Proper Usage of Fuel:

The proper oil will help your heavy construction machine to utilize the fuel efficiently. The lubricant with a higher grade of viscosity, such as one with a viscosity grade of 15W-40 helps to reduce fuel consumption by 0.5%. The lubricants provided by YantraLive are robust and keep their characteristics for an extended period of time, resulting in a faster speed, better recovery and productivity for your machine. They are designed to hold the dirt in suspension and help to keep your engine clean with a full-drain interval.

Frequent Maintenance Not Required:

Heavy construction machines are designed according to their function. They can withstand a particular temperature, load and speed. Using the appropriate lubricant means fewer trips to the repair shop.

Different Viscosity Levels:

Viscosity is the measure of a fluid’s resistance to flow. Ensuring you use the correct oil for the intended machine results in reducing machine losses. Normally, 80% of a typical construction machine’s energy is lost. This means that only 1/5th of fuel is transformed into actual useful mechanical work. A machine with lower viscosity helps to reduce losses as it is easier to pump because the oil does not flow easily.

Machines operating in high temperatures require a higher viscosity level of the lubricant to constantly protect the critical engine parts. Machines in colder temperatures need a lower viscosity level, as they will be functioning in lower temperatures and may have to sit by idly for longer periods of time. Lower viscosity level does not work here as it may take time to flow and leave the internal parts of the machine open and unattended for corrosion to occur.



It is one of the most important issues to consider when addressing an engine. The parts of the machine such as cylinders and bearings require a lowered amount of friction while clutches and brake systems require an optimized level of friction. The construction lubricants supplied by YantraLive have the capability of optimizing the friction in the brake system to reduce it.

Oxidation and Aeration:

Two of the biggest problems to consider when handling lubricants. When lubricants are exposed to oxygen in high temperatures, it may lead to sludge build up, increased viscosity and development of corrosive acids. Aeration can prove lethal to the bearings as these components need an oil film to protect them. Only the correct lubricant with proper aeration control can potentially save these features of an engine.

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