Tata Hitachi Excavators maintenance and inspection check list Blog
Image Source: Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery

Start with a visual examination of the excavator:

Perform a basic undercarriage inspection. Visually examine the wear and tear of individual rollers, idlers and other track components. Check for cuts, cracks, and missing components. Look for signs of oil leakage. Remove any accumulated mud and random debris. Inspect the boom, the dipper arm, and the bucket. Look for any cracks or dents. Make sure the locking pin and the safety clip are in the right position.

Check the condition of attachment-related safety guards:

Make sure the ID tag, safety decals and operators manual are present. Check if the seat belts, safety lever switch and travel movement alarm system are working perfectly. Any burned-out light bulbs should be replaced. Look for chips and cracks on the windshield, light glass and mirrors. Ensure the wipers, horns and all other instruments are working.

Inspect the functionality of the boom arm, dipper arm and bucket:

Extend the boom arm and the dipper arm. Listen for unusual sounds and look out for abnormal movements of the arm. Ensure proper lubrication at all the greasing points and bushings. Make sure teeth are present on the bucket and they are in good condition. Remove any debris if found.

Check the functionality of cylinders and hydraulic hoses:

Ensure there are no leaks in the hoses, cylinders and fittings. There should be adequate levels of oil that is carried through the hydraulic lines.

Analysis of all the fluids:

Apart from adequate levels of oil, fuel and coolants, check for coolant leaks, fan assembly, damage of the caps, clamps and hoses and check the functioning of the water pump. Analysis of the engine oil and hydraulic oil is mandatory during every maintenance check. Make sure there are no oil leaks. All the filters, i.e. oil, fuel and air should be cleaned or replaced accordingly.

If your excavator is operating under harsh conditions, service it regularly. Refer to the Tata Hitachi Excavator owner’s manual and perform a proper risk assessment. If your equipment is showing signs of deterioration, pay closer attention during your inspections and fix any issue immediately by ordering genuine parts from www.yantralive.com