A well-kept JCB is less likely to break down and also maximizes the lifespan of the excavator, while reducing service costs. Here is a quick guide to making sure your JCB meets the daily check requirements.

1. Start with visual examination of the exterior of the JCB excavator

Inspect the frame and check the track drive, the boom, cylinder, arm, and bucket. As you look at each section, look for cracks, damage, signs of leaks, or missing parts. Remove any large pieces of debris from the tracks, bucket and also in the radiator. If you see any issues, fix them before you start work. See if all the lights are in good working condition and free from cracks.

2. Check the fluids and filters

Analysis of the engine oil and hydraulic oil is mandatory during every maintenance check. Make sure there are no oil leaks. Every filter on the equipment must have its own check-off that says if it was cleaned or replaced. That includes oil, fuel, air and hydraulic filters.  The fuel filter must be free of water and other contamination.

Radiator and transmission coolants tell a lot about the excavator’s state. Aside from adequate levels and normal colors, coolants should have periodic analysis to check for internal problems that can’t be detected by the eye. Check for coolant leaks, fan assembly, damage of the caps, clamps and hoses and check the functioning of the water pump.

3. Verify Battery Charge

Do a quick inspection of the battery. Check the charge and electrolyte levels, and make sure that the terminals are clean and tight. Checklists should include voltage and amperage testing, cable examination and fuse conditions.

4. Lubrication

Greasing and lubricating is a must on the checklist. The list should also identify critical moving areas like joints and sleeves and ensure proper lubrication at all greasing points on the JCB excavator.


Following these steps during the daily maintenance check of the JCB excavator, will reduce the machine downtime and make your job a lot easier. Follow the JCB operators manual in case you want to know how to handle any section of the JCB excavator. Order quality parts and services for your JCB excavator, from YantraLive website