These 3 Service Engineers Quit Their Jobs To Build Their Own Business

  • Bala has been working at shop floor and rose from serviceman who would do odd jobs in workshop to becoming a service engineer at L&T Construction 
  • He dreamt of building his own workshop as he started gaining expertise in repairing hydraulic pumps of heavy equipment
  • He would discuss his dream along with his two friends who were also working in different workshops 
  • He worked in L&T as service engineer for 10 years and convinced his two friends to call it quits in Q3 2019
  • As service engineers they knew they need to work with best of the part suppliers and choosing the right supplier is most critical to success of their workshop 
  • They visited Banglore, Chennai to meet many traders who were supplying parts
  • Even though they visited trader’s shops they could not have detailed conversation with traders. Bala quips “As a new business none of the traders knew us personally or heard of our workshop. Hence most of the suppliers would not explain their product offerings nor give their price list” 
  • Frustrated with this experience Bala started searching for excavator parts on Google
  • One of the search result was YantraLive.com and they explored the website and submitted form on chatbot that popped up on website saying “Talk to our Expert”    
  • Next day Bala got a call from Yantralive Sales Engineer who knows Tamil ( his mother tongue) to understand their business and what parts requirement they had 
  • Bala was pleasantly surprised that YantraLive could supply very wide range of parts and had their own workshop for hydraulics.
  • At first  Bala placed order of small items to try out the newly found supplier. Within 3-4 deliveries in the first 3 months they gained confidence with YantraLive
  • Bala said “YantraLive has been very responsive in giving quotes which other suppliers did not even bother to respond or answer their calls” 

First Set Back

  • Within first six month they could get business from their relationship with dealership. After 6 months the service manager at dealership changed and suddenly they lost their 90% of the service business. 
  • They frantically started approaching the local fleet owners and crusher operators in Jan 2020  to market their services 
  • Within 2 months they started getting service enquiries from the crusher plants
  •  Deadly COVID19 wave struck in Mar20 before they could come back on their feet
  • Bala was filled with deep sorrow and started regretting his decision about quitting his job
  • After the lockdown started easing out, he started getting enquiries from the crusher plants they had visited just before lockdown
  • Bala was elated to get customer calls and wanted to give best of the service to his customers

Agile Supplier in Times of Need

  • Bala wanted to use good quality parts for his service jobs and was happy to get multiple options of parts from YantraLive
  • Given the lockdown situation entire supply chain had been disrupted in the country and he needed parts on time to service his first time clients
  • He would clearly discuss his delivery requirements with YantraLive and YantraLive could work with multiple delivery modes to meet his urgent requirement
  • As Service business Bala gets paid only after completing his job and has to invest his own working capital to procure parts 
    • As He has been working with YantraLive for 1 year, he expressed this predicament to buy parts and YantraLive offered credit so that he could continue doing his service jobs

Business Growth

    • Now Bala has set up 3 workshops and has employed 10 service engineers to cater to his client needs
      • He identified regular need for hose fittings and bought Hose Crimping machine to cater to this requirement
      • He started stocking items like toothpoints and undercarriage that his customers need regularly
    • Now Bala is exploring more opportunities to partner with YantraLive to become a service partner and fulfilment centre