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Tips to reduce the maintenance cost of heavy machinery

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Tips to reduce the maintenance cost of heavy machinery.

Heavy types of equipment are the backbone of the construction and
manufacturing industries. Major concern of any company dealing with heavy
machineries is the cost of purchasing and reducing maintenance costs. The only
option left with them is to find out how do they effectively make use of
preventive maintenance measures for the heavy equipment. Here’s a list of
suggestions on how to invest wisely, reap the rewards through longer-lasting
equipment, and follow basic preventive maintenance techniques to avoid going
over the company’s designated budget.

Create a Maintenance Checklist.

Conduct thorough research on the equipment’s. Invest time in comparing the
same equipment of two different companies. Analyze what fits the budget and
doesn’t compromise on quality. Conduct daily inspections even though it might
come across as a tedious job, but it prevents high expenditure on maintenance
costs. The goal of preventive maintenance is to fix small problems as soon as it
surfaces, and it is necessary to take notes daily. This helps in predictive asset
maintenance, making it easier to track problems before they develop.
Invest in good parts and commit to regular maintenance as it will be useful to
optimize maintenance costs for equipment.
When looking for machineries, choose a dealer that offers regular fluid and parts
checks. This might be rolled into the cost of your equipment but will save the
extra money spent on maintenance expenditure in the long run.
An experienced professional being on board helps in avoiding a major breakdown
maintenance, they will also help with small repair works which will minimize
heavy-duty maintenance costs in case of a sudden failure.

How to avoid a sudden breakdown?

Educate machine operators, and train them efficiently to avoid speeding or
braking sharply, as this can increase fuel consumption.
Never keep the machine idle for more than certain hours for it adds to the
increasing fuel costs and reduces the life span of the engine oil drastically. The
whole idea is to keep in mind how important is the equipment maintenance cost
reduction of high-functioning machineries. Constant speeding and braking do the
opposite of cost reduction. All of this helps in bringing down the frequency at
which sudden breakdown of the equipment occurs.

Emphasize Proactive Maintenance

Fuel efficiency can be optimized by planning, and by making sure employees are
using the shortest travel distances with the least number of obstructions. These
are one way to emphasize proactive maintenance. Regularly tune up equipment
helps increase the longevity of the machinery and is also useful in minimizing
maintenance costs. Bigger machines guzzle more fuel while smaller machines do
the opposite. While allotting the work make sure, the right equipment is allotted
for the right work for this will mess with the longevity, causing exorbitant
expenditure, and maximizing the maintenance cost.

Better Spare & Inventory Management.

New is always better. Invest in newer, good-quality machines which will operate
more efficiently which helps in reducing the maintenance cost, than older or
poorly maintained equipment. Machines that go through periodic maintenance
tend to perform well, thereby reducing the maintenance cost. Such equipment
will showcase increased efficiency and will not let you down. Regularly
maintained equipment reduces the risk of accidents, which will also reduce the
risk of instantaneous critical failures.
Preventive maintenance aims to ward off major problems that can cause
malfunctions on a bigger scale. Periodic checks on equipment will minimize
unplanned machine stop time, will increase efficiency, and will prevent
downtimes in production, thus minimizing maintenance costs.

Implement Automated Software:

One of the many other ways to predict asset maintenance is to implement
maintenance management software to reduce fuel costs. Such software helps in
tracking high or low fuel consumption, provides data on how often the machine
sits idle and provides information on the driving habits of the operator.
Implementing such real-time location software helps in making equipment more
efficient. This also helps in improving productivity by monitoring active working
time, machine utilization rate, equipment aging, and depreciation which helps in
optimizing the maintenance costs of the equipment.

Analyze Maintenance Data:

Prioritize maintenance items like oil changes, air filters, and brake inspections.
This will extend the life of the machinery and will improve fuel efficiency. For
wheeled machinery, it’s important to maintain proper air tire pressure. Fleet
analysis from professional teams will help in analyzing the equipment and the
maintenance it requires. Regularly scheduling and planning maintenance visits
avoids unnecessary breakdowns. This also helps in estimating operating and
maintenance costs accurately. All of the data gathered helps catch adverse
conditions of the equipment, thus carrying out preventive maintenance of it
without much expenditure.

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If your excavator is operating under harsh conditions, service it regularly. Refer to the Tata Hitachi Excavator owner’s manual and perform a proper risk assessment. If your equipment is showing signs of deterioration, pay closer attention during your inspections and fix any issue immediately by ordering genuine parts from

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