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Case Study - Mining

We are biggest coal miner in India and one of our main excavator’s pump failed. Our coal production capacity was reduced by 20% and. We wanted to bring it back to 100% immediately since this was very large machine, no one had ready stock in India and even Japanese oem gave us 2-month lead time to supply the required pump. When we reached out to Yantralive, they sourced the pump and supplied to us within 2 weeks at lower than oem price. This was huge saving of our production loss. Yantrlive team is very agile and they work to really solve customer’s problem.

Case Study – Infrastructure

We are constructing namma metro in bangalore’s busy road traffic. One day our drilling machine stopped working and our service engineer found that hydraulic pump had failed and needed to be replaced. We reached out to all of our suppliers and no one could understand the pump specifications. When we reached out to Yantralive and their sales engineers went through the specifications and could technically understand the pump very well. They gave us a quote next day and we received the pump within 3 days. This saved us our lost time and we were able to complete the metro pillar drilling on time.

Case Study – Trader

I am dealing with hydraulic breaker parts and have my own clients whom I supply parts regularly. In Our industry we usually get inundated with calls and Requests for quotations from our customers. It becomes so difficult to consult each customer as it takes lot of time to clearly understand the requirement and product specifications. With YantraLive my job has become so simple as they easily understand the requirement and handle all the hassle of identifying the correct parts and delivery. Yantralive has made my purchase process very convenient and now I can focus on generating more business

Case Study – Dealer

I have been dealing with seal kits and have my regular customers. Many of my customers use seal kits for their hydraulic pumps and motors and also needed to buy hydraulic spares as well. As I do not have any stock of hydraulic spares, I used to neglect such enquiries. With Yantralive I just forward such enquiries and get quote immediately. With YantraLive I am able to serve enquiries which I was not able to in the past. This has helped me increase my business and now I sell more products than what I stock at my own shop. I was able to increase my sales without any investment in stock from my existing customers.

Case Study – Equipment Owner

Rather than going to different shops to buy filters, hoses and tooth points, now I can buy all items from YantraLive. Their sales engineers help us understand the technical specifications of the products when required. Many service engineers would take us for a ride as we don’t fully understand the pricing and specifications but Yantralive has given us the knowledge and we are better informed about actual pricing of the parts required for the repair and maintenance of our machines. Yantralive has increased transparency and helps us optimize our maintenance costs

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