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Factors to consider when purchasing used equipment from the market

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If you’re in the construction or mining business, circumstances may force you to expand your heavy equipment fleet to meet business demands. Purchasing brand new equipment may not always be a good idea given the hefty costs involved. Which brings us to the other option, which is, purchasing used equipment. Agreed, used equipment is a cost-effective option, but you need functional equipment for your project. Used equipment is often considered to have more risks and higher unpredictability. To help you reduce these risks and find a fair deal, the technical experts at YantraLive have put together a few tips that you will find useful when shopping for used equipment:


Every piece of heavy machinery is designed for an ideal role. When buying used equipment, carefully assess your current fleet and determine which machinery applications you need the most to improve your operations and profitability.


Having a chance to test drive the equipment will allow you to check the engine’s sound and the standard capabilities of the machinery. If your seller is willing to let you test-drive the equipment, the offer is genuine in all probability.

If you are familiar with the way the machinery should sound, drive and haul, then testing it will allow you to eliminate any other problems you may have missed while checking the exterior of the machinery.


Used equipment can be really older, so carefully scout for equipment that still has replacement parts available. Select a model of machinery whose manufacturer still carries the parts that you suspect will wear down most quickly. 


When purchasing used equipment, maintenance factors to be mandatorily considered are the frequency of care, major repairs and current replacement needs. If more serious or reoccurring damages have happened to the equipment, then steer clear of the purchase.


The following may be given serious consideration when judging the listing price of the equipment you’d be purchasing. The listing price should not be at the same level as a new piece of equipment, but it should represent the worth of a machine based on its operating time, age and past maintenance. On the other hand, the listing price being dangerously low should raise red flags. Depreciation is another factor you should consider.

And last, but not least


The crucial factor you must most certainly check is seller’s information and reputation. Do make time to inspect who is advertising the piece of equipment since this could give you insights into the nature of the transaction. 

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