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Who We Are

We are group of committed founders who have experienced the pain points in buying parts and the amount of efforts it takes to buy parts regularly.
We have been in this business for last 25 years and deeply understand what our customers need during break down situations and what problems they face in such crucial times.

Inefficiency in buying parts has been leading to huge revenue losses to larger segment of Maintenance and Repair Operations (MRO) business across larger segments of Industries in Construction, Mining, Industrial and Marine applications.

So we decided to solve the problem by using latest developments in technology and apply it to simplify buying parts. We are here to make overall MRO efficient and in turn give benefits to all stakeholders from Buyer and Seller side players.

We are committed to build customer centric, responsible supply chain for business critical spare parts.

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Address : Shed No E, Plot No 58, Industrial Suburb,
Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore, Karnataka – 560022, India.

A Few Words About

Our Brand Values

Domain Knowledge

We are building the world’s largest part knowledge base which is will help the entire community involved in manufacturing, supplying and installing/repairing business-critical equipment and their components.

Sourcing Network

We will continuously strive to build a larger sourcing network so that our entire supply chain becomes more accessible to a larger customer base and is responsive to handle stock out situations at any specific supplier.

Customer Service

We are building the entire organization so that our customers will have peace of mind while buying parts from Yantralive.com and are assured of reasonable price and quality of parts we deliver.

Entrepreneurial Mind

We are passionate entrepreneurs and are growing mad, and we will always make conscious efforts to grow by giving better benefits to our customers.

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) of Speed

We understand the pain of losing revenue during equipment downtime, hence we are process fanatics and SPEED is in our DNA to deliver critical parts on time.

Technology Brain

There have been a lot of industries that have been disrupted with the latest technologies in AI, Big Data, VR. We understand the MRO.